Kumkumaathi Oil

Kumkumaathi Oil


  • 15 ml
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Kumkumaathi oil is a renowned serum for dull, pigmented, damaged & aged skin. It gives a glowing complexion & an even skin tone. The unique blend of sesame oil, almond oil & 18 different herbs along with saffron & goat milk gives a smooth fine line & repairs early signs of aging. It acts & protects against bacterial & fungal infections by improving skin texture.


  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Reduces Dullness
  • Exfoliates Dead Cells
  • Lightens Spots
  • Gives Even Skin Tone
  • Gives Renewed, Fresh & Brighter Skin


  • Cleanse your face
  • Take a 5 drops of V Nature Kumkumaathi Oil Serum in the filler
  • Apply it all over the face & neck
  • Massage gently paying special attention to troubled spots
  • Use every night before bed and leave it overnight for better results


Rakrachandan, Manjistha, Mulethi, Chandan, Khas, Dashmool, Laksha, Padmakastha, Nilkam, Pakadi, Blue lotus, Sonaptha, Bilva, Gambhari, Shaiaparni, Gokshura, Birhari, Kantkari, Sesame Oil, Almond Oil, Saffron Strands & Goat Milk.


V Nature products are free from Animal testing and does not contain parabens, sulphates, silicones, GMOs, artificial fragrance nor harsh chemicals. All the ingredients used are natural & plant based.


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